ABL History

Athletes in Action Baseball has a long history of competing in Alaska. As far back as 1988, AIA travelled through Alaska playing teams from the Alaska Baseball League in exhibitions. However, it was not until 2001 that AIA officially joined the Alaska Baseball League as the AIA Alaska Fire. AIA first made its home in Fairbanks, Alaska which is located seven hours north of Anchorage. Fairbanks also plays host to the Goldpanners of the ABL, and both the Goldpanners and AIA played their home games at Growden Memorial Stadium. Over a ten year period, AIA enjoyed success as a franchise located in Fairbanks. Many AIA Fire players went on to be drafted in the MLB Draft, with a handful still currently on MLB Rosters. The Fire also were fortunate enough to capture the 2007 Alaska Baseball League Championship, their first as members of the ABL.

After a successful 10 season tenure in Fairbanks, the Fire moved south to Chugiak-Eagle River and will be known starting in 2012 as the Chugiak-Eagle River Chinooks. Following a 2011 exhibition game at Loretta French Field in Chugiak-Eagle River, AIA Baseball saw the very promising future of having a franchise in the area. After some talks and discussion between AIA and the members of the city, the move was announced in late 2011.

Year by Year Results:

  • 2001:  9-23 (6th Place)
  • 2002:  14-21 (5th Place)
  • 2003:  19-15 (2nd Place)
  • 2004:  7-28 (6th Place)
  • 2005:  8-25 (6th Place)
  • 2006:  10-24 (6th Place)
  • 2007:  24-11 (1st Place, ABL CHAMPIONS)
  • 2008:  12-20 (6th Place)
  • 2009:  16-26 (6th Place)
  • 2010:  15-30 (5th Place)
  • 2011:  12-24 (5th Place)
  • 2012:  17-22 (5th Place)
  • 2013:  8-27 (6th Place)
  • 2014:  13-25 (6th Place)
  • 2015: 17-24 (ABL), 18-27 overall (5th Place)


ABL MVP’s from AIA:

  • 2002:  Eric Rodland (Gonzaga University)
  • 2007:  Kirk Nieuwenhuis (Azusa Pacific University)
  • 2008:  Brint Hardy (University of Alabama – Birmingham)


All Alaska Team Members:

  • 2002:  Eric Rodland (Gonzaga University), Tim Pertu (Texas A&M), Derek Roper (Missouri)
  • 2003:  Cody Mongtomery (Dallas Baptist), Michael Cline (Birmingham Southern), Wes Leston (Birmingham Southern)
  • 2004:  Matt Barber (Birmingham Southern), Israel Victor (Akron),
  • 2005:  Josh Donaldson (Auburn)
  • 2006:  Xavier Scruggs (UNLV), Blake Stouffer (Texas A&M),
  • 2007:  Kirk Nieuwenhuis (Azusa Pacific), Justin Skinner (Drury), Joel Staples (St. Marys College), P.K. Keller (Liberty), Errol Hollinger (Liberty),     Ryan Millard (Dallas Baptist), Justin Wood (James Madison), Payton Tweddale (Charleston Southern)
  • 2008:  Tobias Streich (West Virginia), Brint Hardy (UAB), Jonathan Merritt (UAB), Kevin Winn (Louisiana Tech)
  • 2009:  Ben Minard (Ashland), Ryan Millard (Dallas Baptist)
  • 2010:  Keith DePew (UAB), Marc Schoch (LaSalle), Tyler Bersano (The Masters College), TJ Swank (Coastal Carolina)
  • 2011: All Star Team Members:  JJ Turbin (Westmont), Taylor Oldham (Covenant), Colby Braddock (UT-San Antonio), Ben Heller (Olivet Nazarene), Michael White (Lander), Taylor Aikenhead (Cal State – Bakersfield), Cole Bullard (Cal Baptist), Charlie Gillies (The Masters College)
  • 2012: Adam Humes (Northwood), Kristopher Kwak (North Dakota), JJ Turbin (Westmont)
  • 2013: Daniel Salters (Eastern Oklahoma St), Collin Radack (Hendrix), Mike Jeffreys (Geneva), Devin Stanton (Georgia Tech)
  • 2014: No Selections
  • 2015: Conner Menez (The Masters College), Braxton Wilks (McLennan CC)


Home Run Derby Champions:

  • 2014: Jackson Cramer (West Virginia)
  • 2015: Caleb Potter (West Virginia)