Chinooks Come Up Short in Late Inning Struggle

By Joshua Salim


Game #12

June 17, 2019


ANCHORAGE, AK – The Anchorage Bucs (8-4) put up four runs in the seventh inning to complete a comeback victory against the Chugiak-Eagle River Chinooks (4-8) 8-7 on Monday night.


Trevor McGhee (0-0) surrendered his first runs of the season. McGhee gave up four runs, four hits, three walks and five strikeouts in his three-inning outing. Joey Leavitt (0-0) would pitch the fourth and fifth innings, only allowing two hits and a walk. Tyler Wynkoop (0-1) picked up the loss for the Chinooks after surrendering four runs on three hits and four walks in the eighth inning. Justin Fox (1-1) would finish the game on the mound for the Chinooks with one strikeout in his perfect outing.


The Chinooks would bring in seven runs on five hits, five walks, and an error. In the second inning, the Chinooks put a run on the board from a solo homerun from Haden Keller. Two innings later, Haden Keller would reach on an error from a drop-third strikeout before Brandon Cody brought the Chinooks within a run on a two-run homerun over the right field fence.


In the sixth and seventh innings, the final four runs would be brought in. Brandon Cody picked up a two-run RBI double for his second extra-base hit of the day and Haden Keller scored his third run on the day in the sixth inning.


Quick Facts:

  • Haden Keller went 1 for 2 with a homerun, walk, three runs scored, and two RBI’s.
  • Keller picked up his second homerun of the season and is in double-digit RBI’s with 10.
  • Brandon Cody went 2 for 4 with a homerun, double, a run scored and four RBI’s.
  • Mason Corbett and Jess Davis have reached base in every game this season.


The Chinooks play at Mulcahy Stadium on Wednesday against the Glacier Pilots. Tune in to the live broadcast at the link below: